All life, including our own, depends on a fully functional planet to survive and thrive. Biodiversity, the vast array of plants, animals, and ecosystems, is the life support system of our planet and underpins the healthy ecosystems that provide us food, clean air and water, stable climate, and medicines.

What makes Global Wildlife Conservation different? We have a collaborative model that works directly with local partners to protect wildlife and their habitats, focused on often overlooked but highly threatened species and ecosystems integral to the health of our planet.

Our Mission

Our Approach

Our flexible model allows us to make a direct impact anywhere wildlife and ecosystems are most threatened. We work directly with local communities, indigenous groups, organizations, and governments to protect natural resources. This is critical for the long-term persistence of biodiversity and human societies on our only home – Earth.

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We protect and restore places with exceptional concentrations of unique and threatened species, our world's most irreplaceable places.

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We focus on the most threatened and often the most overlooked species. The wildlife that are even more endangered for their anonymity.

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We provide individuals, communities, and organizations with the tools, resources and know-how to implement actionable conservation solutions.

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Much like biodiversity itself, our work relies on relationships. We hold fast to our founding principle that collaborative, local community-led solutions make the biggest difference. We partner with local communities, indigenous groups, organizations, and governments to co-develop and implement solutions to address each location’s unique needs. We provide additional financial support, expertise, and tools for greater impact.

REcovering and REstoring Wildlife


We deliver measurable, boots-on-the-ground, solutions. Important global research like the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species guides our work, and once in-country we mobilize local partners and the community, rapidly assess root-cause issues, and take swift action. Our record speaks for itself. Over the past ten years, we have worked to conserve wildlife and habitat in more than 50 countries and have helped establish over 30 protected areas, home to more than 150 endangered species, impacting over 20,000 species overall.

Our Impact

Help ReWild our world today

Help Stop Extinction

Your support helps protect irreplaceable places, funds expeditions to find lost species, supports cutting-edge breeding programs, and so much more. Plus, our Board of Directors covers all operational costs, so 100% of your donation goes directly to field.


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When given a chance, life does come back. Check out recent successes in protecting and restoring wildlife and wild places.

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