Cultivating Biodiversity Leadership Through Guardians

At the heart of the ethos of Global Wildlife Conservation is the belief that effective conservation is delivered by people. We cultivate current and future generations of conservation heroes. We call these heroes 'Guardians'.

Guardians are people all over the world who have a passion for biodiversity and saving wildlife and wildlands. Through our ongoing work with local partners, indigenous communities, local conservation groups and government agencies, we empower these passionate leaders who are making a profound long-term difference for our planet.

Guardians going into the woods
GWC Associates

GWC also partners with professional conservationists and academics to advance our shared mission. GWC associates are early-career conservation professionals who show great promise to become future conservation leaders. We mentor and support these emerging leaders to fulfill their promise.

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Rangers are charged with preventing biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. They work under a diversity of environmental conditions spanning the climates, ecosystems, and landscapes of our planet. A ranger’s work can be dangerous: they face disease, injury, extreme weather, and even death. GWC works to ensure rangers are adequately trained, supported and respected across the world.

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Women in Wildlife

Women face unique challenges that can pose barriers to achieving their goals for effective conservation. However, women often play unique roles within their communities and with the right support can leverage that role to help change values around and attitudes about the natural world. GWC supports and fosters a network of women, provides opportunities to women new to the field, and engages women in becoming conservation leaders in their communities.

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Guardians hiking across the mountain
Indigenous People

Indigenous people and local communities depend on natural habitats and resources for their livelihoods and culture. GWC engages indigenous people and local communities as guardians and legal owners of their natural resources, while also preserving their cultural heritage and linguistic diversity.

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Batak-kids learning from a guardian

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