In 2018 we celebrated our tenth anniversary. In just ten short years we have worked with partners in more than 50 countries worldwide and helped establish more than 30 new protected areas home to more than 150 endangered species and a staggering 20,000 species overall. Through strategic partnerships we continue to push the boundaries of cutting-edge science and technologies for conservation, and achieve unprecedented economies of scale for maximum impact.

Focal Areas

Our flexible model allows us to mobilize partners and implement solutions anywhere on the planet biodiversity is most threatened. To show our impact, we measure and communicate our work within the topics of wildlands, wildlife, and guardians.



We identify, protect and restore places with exceptional concentrations of unique and threatened species. This includes creating and managing protected areas in the most irreplaceable places for biodiversity on Earth.

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We target the most imperiled species and work with local partners to tackle the most pressing threats to their survival. We focus on many overlooked and forgotten species.

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Effective conservation is delivered by people. We work at all scales to provide individuals, communities and organizations with the tools they need to be effective stewards of our Earth’s biodiversity.

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