For #EarthDay2020 we are sharing five animated videos over five days, each exploring a unique perspective of what it means to live on the only planet we know to have life.

One Home – Chris Hadfield

How does it feel to see the Earth from outer space? National boundaries vanish and differences dissipate when we see our “pale blue dot” suspended in a thin cocoon of air. Some say this shift in perspective inspired the #EarthDay movement 50 years ago, after the first photograph of Earth from space crystalized in our collective conscience the fragility of our one shared home. In part 1 of One Home, astronaut Chris Hadfield pulls us to the window of his space shuttle and invites us to share a clarity of perspective from outer space.

Voiceover: Chris Hadfield
Script: Nico Cary
Animation: Martin Hellstrand
Music & Sound Design: Tomas Wischerath

One Home – Cristina Mittermeier

“If I said to you, ‘You are water,’ would you believe me?” In the second episode of our One Home animated series for #EarthDay2020, explorer, photographer and marine biologist Cristina Mittermeier reflects and reminds us of what it means to be water — not as metaphor, but as indelible truth.

Voiceover: Cristina Mittermeier
Script: Nico Cary & Cristina Mittermeier
Animation: Erika Lutz
Music & Sound Design: Tomas Wischerath

One Home – Nemonte Nenquimo

Who are you listening to? Is it your ancestors? Is it women? Is it nature? In Episode 3 of One Home animated series for #EarthDay2020, Nemonte Nenquimo — Waorani mother, president of the Waorani communities in Amazonian Ecuador and founding member of the indigenous organization Ceibo Alliance — invites you to stop for a moment, listen, and ask yourself: are you a good ancestor?

Voiceover: Nemonte Nenquimo
Script: Nico Cary & Nemonte Nenquimo
Animation: Fernao Spadotto/Gabriela Sanchez
Music & Sound Design: Tomas Wischerath

One Home – George Meyer

In Episode 4 of our animated series for #EarthDay2020, confirmed cynic, producer and writer for The Simpsons, George Meyer reveals how his initial skepticism of Earth Day 50 years ago bloomed into a deep appreciation for the planet that permeated his writing

Voiceover: George Meyer
Script: George Meyer & Nico Cary
Animation: Sam Woo Staar
Music & Sound Design: Tomas Wischerath

One Home – Kena Moore

One Home Episode 5 – Kena Moore Gomez. Eight-year old Kena unveils his grand inventions for a happy Earth and offers tips to make sure we never run out of honey! This, the last in the #EarthDay2020 series, is for honey and Earth-lovers everywhere.

Voiceover: Kena Moore Gomez
Animation: Matthew Severin
Music & Sound Design: Tomas Wischerath