Rediscovery of
Wallace’s Giant Bee

Search team produces first-ever live photos and video of the world’s largest bee.

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“The People’s Shark” In Action

Daymond John, joins GWC and the Discovery Channel in supporting the protection of critical wildlife in the Bahamas.

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A grazing rhino
Join the Movement
to End Extinction

The recent U.N. report about the staggering loss of biodiversity is a wake-up call to act, together. We believe in the ability to turn things around.

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Stories with a tapir
Hide-and-seek with Alamuk, a Baird's Tapir from Nicaragua

Alamuk is trickster Baird’s Tapir that dodged our team for a year. Follow the journey to track him down and obtain valuable data from his GPS collar.       

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Javan Rhino
An extraordinary encounter with a Javan Rhino

Robin Moore, our senior director of digital content and media, caught rare photos of the elusive Javan Rhino.

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Our Work in Action

Check out updates from our teams protecting imperiled animals across the globe

An Eastern Quoll
Eastern Quoll Returns to Australian Wilderness

GWC's partner, Aussie Ark, reintroduces 17 captive-bred Eastern Quoll back into the wild. This marks a big step forward for our work in Australia, focused on breeding and returning keystone species back into the wild.

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Haitian lush
First Private Nature
Reserve in Haiti

In an historic move, we joined forces with several partners to establish the first private nature reserve in Haiti, totaling more than 1,200 acres. We aim to protect and restore the unique forest habitat of Grand Bois.

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Kakī, Black Stilt
Returning Kakī back
to the wild of New Zealand

GWC and partners aim to bring the Kakī back to the wild of New Zealand and are encouraged with 2018’s record-breaking year for the Kakī population, with the fledging of 194 chicks in captivity.

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Search for Lost Species

Dive into the stories of  lost species rediscovered. The rediscovery of these animals or plants that were unseen for years and feared possibly extinct, gives hope that together, we can save the diversity of life on Earth.

Jackson's Climbing Salamander
Jackson's Climbing Salamander

The Jackson’s Climbing Salamander was rediscovered in Guatemala 42 Years after its last sighting.

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Wallace's Giant Bee Found, rediscovered lost species in Indonesia
Wallace's Giant Bee

The World’s Largest Bee with giant jaws was rediscovered in the wild after 38 years missing.

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Fernandina Galápagos Tortoise found
Fernandina Galápagos Tortoise

The Fernandina Galápagos Tortoise is the third of the Search for Lost Species' top 25 "most wanted" species to be found. 

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Comedian Jerrod Carmichael shows disdain for endangered species, until...

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