The Search for Lost Species

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All around the world, across habitats, across taxa and for all kinds of reasons, once-discovered species have fallen off our radar. These lost species are animals or plants that have gone unseen for years or decades and are feared possibly extinct. In order to save these species, we first need to find them.

In collaboration with more than 100 scientists, Global Wildlife Conservation has compiled a list of 1,200 species of animals and plants that are missing to science. GWC and our partners search some of the planet’s forgotten places and then work to protect species once found.

But this is about much more than the expeditions GWC is directly involved in. We’re calling on others to join the search and conduct their own expeditions for the lost species that have captured their hearts. GWC is working with teams and individuals the world over to publicize their stories of rediscovery and adventure as part of this shared campaign of hope and celebration. Read more in our FAQ and explore the partners behind the search.

25 Most Wanted Lost Species

From the list of 1,200 species, we have teased the top 25 “most wanted” species in the world.
Explore these quirky, charismatic and elusive species that are global flagships for conservation.

Lost Species - By the Numbers

Visualize the details behind the list of lost species, including the geographic distribution by country, the breakdown of flora and fauna that made the list and how many are possibly extinct.


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Meet the Artists

Losing a species is akin to losing a beautiful, irreplaceable, priceless work of art. Meet the renowned artists who have been inspired to create lost species artwork for the campaign.



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Behind the Search