An olive and yellowish bird sitting on a branch.

Expedition to Alto Sinú Finds Dozens of Species of Birds New to Córdoba Department in Colombia

03. 31. 2021

Sinú Parakeet Remains Elusive, But Researchers Are Hopeful For immedi...

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An olive and yellowish bird sitting on a branch.

Expedición al Alto Sinú Encuentra Decenas de Especies de Aves Nuevas para el Departamento de Córdoba en Colombia

03. 31. 2021

El Periquito del Sinú Sigue Siendo Esquivo, Pero Los Investigadores T...

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FOUND: Rediscovery of Lost Chameleon Reveals Reptile’s (Spectacular) True Colors

10. 30. 2020

Expedition Team in Madagascar Gets Rare Photos and Video of Flashy Voe...

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FOUND: Romantically Monogamous, Mouse-sized Elephant-Shrew Rediscovered Dashing Around the Wilds of Djibouti

08. 18. 2020

Rediscovery of the Somali Sengi, One of Global Wildlife Conservation...

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Tropical Treetop Cameras Capture First-ever Wild Footage of Critically Endangered Roloway Monkey

06. 16. 2020

Search for Lost Red Colobus Monkey Produces Striking Videos of Other R...

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Search for One of World’s Smallest Sturgeon Species Renews Hope for Most Wanted Lost Species

02. 20. 2020

Expedition Finds Suitable Habitat for the Syr Darya Shovelnose Sturgeo...

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Rediscovered Silver-backed Chevrotain

FOUND: Miniature Fanged ‘Deer’ Rediscovered Tiptoeing Through Vietnam’s Coastal Forests

11. 11. 2019

First-ever Photos and Footage of Silver-backed Chevrotain Confirm Firs...

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Lost Species Rediscoveries

2017’s Top Lost Species Rediscoveries Spur Hope for Future Quests

12. 26. 2017

Global Wildlife Conservation Gears Up for Expeditions in the New Year...

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Oriental Blue Clearwing

Bee-mimicking Clearwing Moth Buzzes Back to Life After 130 Years

12. 13. 2017

For immediate release December 13, 2017 Download photos and video An e...

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Media Alert: Pink-Headed Duck Eludes Myanmar Expedition Team

12. 08. 2017

For immediate release December 8, 2017 The pink-headed duck, one of G...

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Sheth Sangreal Foundation Increases Global Wildlife Conservation Match To $15 Million In Advance Of #GivingTuesday

11. 08. 2017

Expanded Match and Growth of GWC Leadership Team Accelerates Key Conse...

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Jackson's Climbing Salamander

FOUND: Remarkable Salamander Rediscovery Heralds Early Success For Worldwide Quest To Find And Protect Lost Species

10. 30. 2017

Jackson’s Climbing Salamander Rediscovered in Guatemala 42 Years Aft...

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