A Global Network of Women
Caring for Nature

Mission: To support nature conservation and natural resource management by increasing women’s leadership and participation

The Women in Nature Network (WiNN) is a network of women combining their unique knowledge, skills and talents in order to:

  • Conserve biodiversity and natural resources around the world,
  • Train and mentor women in conservation science and natural resource management,
  • Empower women to manage and conserve natural resources,
  • Ensure that the best science is the basis for conservation and development.

The Women in Nature Network is an Associate Group of Global Wildlife Conservation.

The Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations identifies the urgent need to support women in their efforts to conserve natural resources. At the community level women have a tight relationship with natural resources and are well positioned to care for their sustainable management. Women are also more affected by increasing ecosystem degradation, but are often ill prepared to take local leadership roles. Some women have been successful in either achieving leadership positions or in working with communities to develop these capacities. Success must now quickly go beyond isolated local efforts to address surmounting environmental challenges. Networks, where experiences are shared, have proven to leverage efforts, diminish learning curves and catalyze synergies. Linking women working on the management of natural resources at a global level is urgently required.

The Women in Nature Network was founded in 2013 to promote women’s leadership in the sustainable management of natural resources and their conservation. WiNN founding members are affiliated with 10 prestigious institutions working around the globe and have decades of experience in building capacities at the community level. They have become mentors to younger professionals and have reached out to women who hold international positions.

WiNN Mexico 2017 global networking event

WiNN in Action

The Women in Nature Network (WiNN, formerly Women for Wildlife Network) is connecting and empowering women to achieve sustainable management and conservation of our Earth’s natural resources. Recognizing that women play a pivotal role in the field but are often isolated or lacking in experience, training or connections to take on leadership roles, WiNN is building a global learning community of women to create a future generation of environmental leaders.

WiNN aims to connect women through four main programs:

  1. Annual global networking event to exchange women’s experiences by bringing together international conservation leaders, emerging conservationists, and students together through symposia and workshops that will strengthen their leadership and build connections (Read about the 2019 event in India and partnering with Aaranyak),
  2. Creation of WiNN networks and Specialty WiNN networks established by WiNN members following global networking events,
  3. Mentorship program to connect women with established conservation practitioners, and
  4. Strategic grants and technical support for women’s conservation projects.

Founding Members of the
Women in Nature Network

Leeanne Alonso, GWC Director of Global Biodiversity Exploration

Martha Hurley

Ana Denman

Ana Liz Flores

Renée González Montagut

Lisa Famolare

Claudia Sobrevila

Rebecca Kormos

Jessica Deichmann

Kate Greenberg

Annette Tjon Sie Fat

Robyn Dalzen

Mary Cline

Irene Soler