Corporate Sponsors

Profits with Purpose

Let us connect your business with meaningful impact for our planet. Each business partnership with GWC is an incremental step to a more sustainable world and independently creates a measurable, lasting, positive impact.

Whether we identify a way for each of your products to go towards protecting the last remaining habitat of the Papallacta robber frog that shares a home with jaguars and the Andean condor, or a way to commit a portion of your annual sales to purchase acres of rainforest — together, we will conserve biodiversity and keep the world wild.

Our first corporate sponsor helped us realize the power of businesses that share our vision. By donating 1% of their total sales of scoops and pints of ice cream, Three Twins Ice Cream has saved over 43 million square feet, and counting, of critical wildlife habitat. That is over 1.5 square miles!

Boophis goudoti from Fohisikina

Our First Partner Says it Best

“Small efforts can make a great impact.” GWC is excited to partner with businesses big and small. Thank you Three Twins Ice Cream for this inspiration!

To partner with GWC and join Profits with Purpose, please contact Therese Tepe, our Conservation Partnerships Officer, by filling out the contact sheet.

GWC is also a nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is a nonprofit where member businesses have contributed more than 100 million dollars to environmental organizations. Less than 2% of charitable giving goes to the environment, and we like to think that these initiatives can turn the tide.