Help these orphaned orangutans weather the COVID-19 pandemic and return to the wild

07. 10. 2020

In Sumatra, protecting orangutans from coronavirus is also making it m...

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A Q&A with Red Colobus Champion Florence Aghomo

06. 16. 2020

As Red Colobus Conservation Coordinator, Aghomo Hopes to Turn the Tide...

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Kipunji Monkey in Tanzania. Credit: John C. Mittermeier

Protecting primates through ecotourism

05. 07. 2020

As of this year, I will have been studying and observing primates in t...

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Want to be Awed By Our Wild World? Cameroon’s Ebo Forest Keeps the Wonders Coming.

04. 30. 2020

With Nut-cracking Chimpanzees, an Unexpected Population of Gorillas, a...

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Ebo Forest: A Stronghold for Cameroon’s Wildlife

04. 30. 2020

Here are a few of the unique residents of Cameroon's Ebo Forest....

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Les liens des communautés locales avec la forêt d’Ébo s’étendent sur plusieurs générations

04. 30. 2020

Pour les communautés locales qui vivent autour de la forêt d'Ébo, d...

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Baby gorilla

Virunga’s mountain gorilla population is growing. Can tourism help sustain it long-term?

11. 14. 2019

Protecting the park for its Mountain Gorillas, biodiversity and local ...

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Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey in the Forest

Who’s That Monkey on Peru’s Money?

06. 24. 2019

A once-lost primate becomes a valuable national symbol of conservation...

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photo by Alexandra Hofner

Raising A Red Flag For Red Colobus

09. 07. 2018

By Ekwoge Abwe, guest blogger Secretary general of the African Primato...

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Tapanuli orangutan (Photo by Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme/Maxime Aliaga)

Primates In Peril: Urgent Action In These Four Countries Is Critical To Staving Off Mass Extinction

06. 27. 2018

Last week was a pivotal week in primate-related news. The world mourne...

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Gum-Chewing Mini Monkeys Get Expanded Genetic Family Tree

01. 25. 2018

Move over, Kardashians. Keeping up with the world’s smallest monkey ...

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