Member of patrol team with wire snares

Reversing “Empty Forest Syndrome” in Southeast Asia

02. 08. 2017

By Barney Long, Thomas Gray, Antony Lynam, Teak Seng, William Laurance...

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Q&A With GWC’s New Director Of Protected Area Management

01. 30. 2017

This month we welcomed Mike Appleton to the GWC team as GWC’s direct...

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hidden world of the annamites

New Camera Trap Images Peer Into Hidden World Of The Annamites

01. 10. 2017

On its face a camera trap is a simple device: a camera, connected to a...

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Nicaragua rainforest

Rebounding from Hurricane Otto in Nicaragua’s Most Ecologically Sensitive Rainforests

12. 12. 2016

Researchers assess damage to the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve after ...

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hurricane otto

From The Field: Hurricane Otto Tears Through Indio Maíz

12. 12. 2016

I have spent the last few years helping protect Nicaragua’s Indio M...

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Coming Together To #MakeASplash

12. 05. 2016

By Dune Ives, Executive Director of the Lonely Whale Foundation On Wo...

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Hope In The Face Of 10,000 Deaths

10. 27. 2016

Help save the Titicaca Water Frog: Make a donation to AmphibianArk’s...

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Indio Maiz Biological Reserve, Nicagragua.

World Habitat Day: Joining Forces with Nicaragua’s Indigenous Rama and Afro-descendant Kriol People

10. 03. 2016

We celebrate the indigenous Rama and afro-descendant Kriol people who ...

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Pangolins Receive Strongest Global Trade Protection

09. 29. 2016

On Sept. 28, Pangolins were provided the strongest possible global pr...

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Saving Goat Islands

09. 28. 2016

On Thursday, Sept. 22, the incredible news broke that a massive transs...

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World Rhino Day: Extinction Is Forever

09. 21. 2016

I never want to be associated with extinction. But unfortunately, we s...

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Conserving Tapirs Beyond Borders

09. 06. 2016

The globally endangered Baird’s Tapir is the largest terrestrial mam...

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