GWC works to ensure rangers are adequately trained, supported and respected across the world. They are charged with preventing biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. They work under a diversity of environmental conditions spanning the climates, ecosystems, and landscapes of our planet. A ranger’s work can be dangerous: they face disease, injury, extreme weather, and even death.

Tashinga Initiative Ranger in Garden
Photo by: Tashinga Initiative
Empowering Zimbabwe’s Rangers
to Combat Poaching

To bolster the efforts of rangers protecting wildlife from poaching, Global Wildlife Conservation supports the Tashinga Initiative Trust, a wildlife protection trust that operates in partnership with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management.

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Our Planet’s Protectors

GWC, with partners, is committed to increasing ranger training, and improving their working and employment conditions.

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Mauricio Hernandez, park ranger in Costa Rica. Photo by: Camilo de Castro Belli

Top photo: TCP rangers monitor and protect Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park and its resident Tamaraw. Photo by: James Slade