Indigenous people and local communities depend on natural habitats and resources for their livelihoods and culture. GWC engages indigenous people and local communities as guardians and legal owners of their natural resources, while also preserving their cultural heritage and linguistic diversity.

Participatory protected area planning with a local community in Nicaragua. Photo by: Mike Appleton
Partnering With Indigenous Communities to Conserve Indio Maíz

Most of the world’s major protected areas are managed by government staff, but Indio Maíz is very different. Here, conservation has been led and implemented from the grassroots. We are honored to work alongside this community to develop a visual protected area management action plan.

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Supporting the Mangyan People in Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park

Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park encompasses ancestral lands of the Tau-buid and Buhid indigenous tribes, making them key stakeholders in any decisions related to management of the park. GWC partners closely with these communities to protect the park as well as the Critically Endangered Tamaraw that live within it.


TCP rangers monitor and protect the Natural Park and its resident Tamaraw. Photo by: James Slade

Top photo by: Robin Moore, GWC