Global Wildlife Conservation partners with professional conservationists and academics to advance our shared mission. GWC associates are early-career conservation professionals who show great promise to become future conservation leaders. We mentor and support these emerging leaders to fulfill their promise.

Associates in Action

Armando Dans and Esteban Brenes-Mora. Photo by: Laurie Hedges
Baird's Tapir Survival Alliance

Esteban Brenes-Mora and Armando Dans are active GWC associate scientists working with the Baird's Tapir Survival Alliance in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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Scoring a Big Win for Small Cats

GWC associate scientist, Dr. Constanza Napolitano, applied for—and won—a Recovery of Species on the Brink of Extinction grant from the National Geographic Society that will fund a team to implement an action plan to conserve Guignas in Chile.

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Installing camera trap for-Andean cats in Chilea -altiplano. Copyright: Constanza Napolitano

Top photo: Robin Moore, GWC