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  • Media advisory: New York Conservation Awards Ceremony to Honor Extraordinary Efforts to Save Global Wildlife

Media advisory: New York Conservation Awards Ceremony to Honor Extraordinary Efforts to Save Global Wildlife

Photo Tiago Ferreira

Who: Andrew Sabin Family Foundation, Global Wildlife Conservation, Conservation International, Turtle Conservancy and Amphibian Survival Alliance
What: 2015 Sabin Conservation Prizes for leading amphibian, turtle and primate conservationists
Where: The Bowery Hotel (335 Bowery, New York, NY, 10003)
When: Thursday, May 31 from noon until 3 p.m.

Wildlife conservationists from around the world will come together at the Bowery Hotel in New York Thursday, May 31, to celebrate the winners of the 2015 Sabin Conservation Prizes. The awards recognize the significant contributions of individuals in the categories of amphibian, turtle and primate conservation. The winners are at the helm of pioneering efforts to stave off the extinction of wildlife species worldwide and have demonstrated exceptional passion for and commitment to their work.

The awards ceremony and the 2015 Sabin Conservation Prizes are possible thanks to Andrew Sabin Family Foundation. Businessman Andy Sabin has donated more than $20 million to wildlife conservation efforts over the past 40 years, supporting high-impact conservation through targeted projects around the world. Sabin has participated in Global Wildlife Conservation and Conservation International projects preserving more than 250,000 acres of critical habitat and protecting more than 80 wildlife species. Sabin is currently an active chairman of his private precious metals recycling company.

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Photo by Tiago Ferreira

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Lindsay Renick Mayer
Global Wildlife Conservation


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Lindsay Renick Mayer

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