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GWC was proud to sponsor The Art of Beeing, an artistic tour of the United States aimed at tackling species extinction through art. British artist Louis Masai began his tour Oct. 6, kicking off The Art of Beeing with a mural of a New England Cottontail Rabbit in Bushwick, New York. In total, Masai created 20 murals in 12 U.S. cities, including in Austin, Texas.

With nearly one in four mammals under threat in the United States, The Art of Beeing highlights local species at risk and the urgent need to act on climate change and environmental degradation. It is calling for individuals to come together, much like bees, to put nature first.


“Within the USA’s ecosystems are some of the worlds most endangered species,” Masai said. “I’m painting these animals as patchwork toy murals because, unless we act now, they will become relegated to items on a toy store shelf. Just as patchwork has a history of sharing memories and being passed down the family line, these species could become mere memories for future generations. For me, the bees represent the stitching holding our ecosystems together.”

The Art of Beeing – Arizona/Texas/Tennessee #4 from Wheres-Kong on Vimeo.

The tour took Masai to New York, Detroit, Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Little Canyon, El Paso, Austin, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta and Miami. Masai painted a different local species in each city, including a Gray Wolf, Coho Salmon, Manatee, and Texas Toad in Austin.

(Photo by Emil Walker)

(Photo by Emil Walker, The Art of Beeing)

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(Top photo by Toby Madden/Synchronicity Earth)

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