When scientists discovered the devastating Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) in Tasmanian devils in 1996, it could have meant a certain doom for the species. Now, 20 years later, Global Wildlife Conservation is continuing its commitment to the future of the species by helping Devil Ark double its insurance population of healthy Tasmanian Devils—ensuring a future for the species and those that depend on the apex predator. The increase from 180 to 260 Tasmanian Devils at the facility by 2020 will help provide a genetically diverse and healthy population for eventual reintroductions into the wild.

Project Goals

devilark_overview-2To create room for the population, Devil Ark will begin construction on a new facility in 2017 that will include “nurseries” for baby devils (or joey) and “retirement space” for geriatric devils. As a nonprofit, Devil Ark will need to raise $1.5 million to cover the expansion costs. The facility is already home to 52 percent of the insurance population for the mainland and aims to repopulate Tasmania once the disease has run its course.

You can help! With a $20 donation, Devil Ark can purchase a microchip to go into a joey when its born. At $75, you’ll adopt a devil and receive a photo and certificate of adoption (learn more about the individual devils you can adopt). For $100, you’ll provide a devil home. For $365, or a dollar a day, you’ll feed a devil throughout the year. For $2,000, you’ll make sure a devil gets everything it needs: food, water and preventative care. And for $20,000+, you can name your own devil and get a personal tour of Devil Ark for you and your friends. Make your donation on the form below the video.

You can also make a donation to GreaterGood.org’s crowdsourcing campaign.

NOTE: If you’d like to make a donation as a gift to a friend, colleague or loved one, select “I would like to dedicate this donation to someone” under “Additional Information.” Here you can customize a message to the gift recipient.

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Varied; Dry Forests primarily

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