Project Overview

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The protected areas of Zimbabwe’s Zambezi River Valley are unique and vast, stretching along the southern hinterland of this mighty African river, from the Mozambique to the Botswana borders. The Zambezi is home to a diversity of wildlife species, including Black rhinos and African elephants. Poachers out for ivory, rhino horn and bushmeat, however, continue to threaten the future of these vulnerable species.

To bolster the efforts of rangers protecting wildlife from poaching, Global Wildlife Conservation supports the Tashinga Initiative Trust, a wildlife protection trust that operates in partnership with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management. Tashinga’s projects address a lack of operational capacity, fund training opportunities to enhance patrol efficacy, provide effective technology for communications, ranger community nutrition needs as well ranger child education.

As a result of this ongoing support, committed field rangers continue to log significant rates of arrests and convictions in their anti-poaching operations, strengthening the levels of protection for wildlife.

Project Goals

The Tashinga Initiative aims to ensure that wildlife populations of the Zambezi Valley are protected against poaching and habitat degradation. Some of the aspects that Tashinga Initiative addresses and which are particularly vital in Zimbabwe at this juncture are:

  • To equip rangers with the necessary skills to survive in the wild through appropriate training
  • Provide an enabling environment such as infrastructure, solar power for water and energy thus enhancing rangers’ morale and productivity.
  • Food security ensured through solar powered fenced vegetable gardens.
  • Strengthen the conservation and protection program.

(All photos on this page by Tashinga Initiative)

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Fast Facts

Zambezi species

Elephants, rhinos, zebras, monitor lizards, giraffe

Areas of conservation

UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves, two Trans Frontier Conservation Areas

Threats to wildlife

Poaching, habitat destruction


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