Rediscovering Wallace’s Giant Bee: In search of Raja Ofu, the king of bees

February 21, 2019

By Clay Bolt, Natural History and Conservation Photographer I first heard the name Alfred Russel Wallace sometime in the early 2000s in an essay by science writer David Quammen. Prior to that, as with so many people, I had never heard of this scruffy, determined insect collector who also happened to co-develop the theory of Read more

Baritú Marsupial Frog

No Pain, No Gain in the Search for this Lost Frog

September 24, 2018

By Lindsay Renick Mayer If you’re biologist Mauricio Akmentins, your first thought when you hear the call of a lovely little frog lost to science for the last 25 years is not “holy $#@%, I think I just rediscovered the long-lost Baritú’s Marsupial Frog!” Instead, your first thought is that somebody is playing a less-than-funny Read more