Q&A with Dr. Sabine Schoppe (winner of the 2015 Sabin Turtle Conservation Prize)

May 25, 2016

Since the rediscovery of the Palawan Pond Turtle in 2003, Dr. Sabine Schoppe has been researching and conserving this rare species. In June 2015, Schoppe, who is director of the Philippine Freshwater Turtle Conservation Program, led the rehabilitation and repatriation efforts for more than 3,900 Palawan pond turtles after they were confiscated from a trader’s Read more

Honoring endangered species all year round

May 20, 2016

May 20th marks Endangered Species Day, but at Global Wildlife Conservation, we celebrate biodiversity every second of every day. We checked in with GWC staff and GWC associate conservation scientists to learn more about why each person is committed to doing what it takes to conserve wildlife—and to discover which endangered species are among the Read more

Q&A with GWC Director of Species Conservation Barney Long

March 23, 2016

Dr. Barney Long joined Global Wildlife Conservation this month as GWC’s director of species conservation. Barney works on the conservation of endangered mammal species and the thematic approaches required to achieve the recovery of their populations. He has worked extensively on Saola, Sumatran and Javan Rhino, Tiger, Gibbons, Doucs and a host of other species Read more

A Q&A with Clay Bolt, award-winning Natural History Photographer

February 26, 2016

Award-winning natural history photographer and GWC partner Clay Bolt traveled this month with GWC Communications Director Robin Moore and a team of conservationists and photographers to CREA‘s Cocobolo Nature Reserve in eastern Panama. Bolt is a Natural History and Conservation Photographer specializing in macro photography with an emphasis on invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians. He regularly works with Read more

A Q&A with Dr. Robin Moore, author of In Search of Lost Frogs

January 22, 2016

When Dr. Robin Moore sat down with colleagues from the Amphibian Specialist Group to brainstorm how to bolster the status of amphibians in the public’s eye, they had no sense of the whirlwind media attention that would result from the kernel of an idea that came out of that meeting. The basis of the idea Read more

Q&A from the field: Nicaragua

December 17, 2015

Chris Jordan is GWC’s Nicaragua programs director. His current research focuses on Baird’s tapir (Tapirus bairdii) and jaguar (Panthera onca) spatial ecology, occupancy and conservation along the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. We sat down with him to talk more about his work—and what he loves most about his job protecting species. Q: What’s your favorite Read more

Exploring the wild world of the Eastern Himalayas: A Q&A with Gautam Surya

June 17, 2015

GWC associate conservation scientist Gautam Surya is headed into the forests of Indian state Arunachal Pradesh to conduct one of the first ever and most comprehensive bird surveys in the Eastern Himalayas, the second-most biodiverse place in the world. We caught up with Gautam ahead of his trip to find out what he hopes to Read more

GWC associate conservation scientist captures rare footage of elusive deer species from Laos

February 13, 2015

The common names of the species that likely inhabit the remote Xe Sap National Protected Area in Southern Laos sound almost mythical: Chinese Serow, Annamite-Striped Rabbit, Saola, Annamite dark muntjac. These species’ elusive nature also lends credence to their folkloric status. GWC Associate Conservation Scientist Andrew Tilker set out to capture photographic evidence of the Read more

A Q&A with GWC Chief Scientist & CEO Wes Sechrest on new anti-poaching endowment

January 19, 2015

GWC’s Walter Steven Sechrest Endowment for Wildlife Protection protects endangered wildlife through anti-poaching efforts and by supporting wildlife rangers at nature reserves around the globe. We recently sat down with GWC Chief Scientist and CEO Wes Sechrest to learn about GWC’s role in anti-poaching efforts and the new endowment, established in honor of Wes’s father, Lieutenant Colonel Read more