Confronting the ghost of the saola

September 4, 2015

After six hours of hiking through the jungle-covered mountains of central Vietnam I had had it. In spades. I was on my last legs, and I let out an audible whoop of joy when we finally came to our destination. We stumbled into the remote Katu village of Aur and I let my backpack fall—thud!—to Read more

Camera traps reveal hidden wildlife deep in the jungles of Laos

May 26, 2015

By Andrew Tilker, GWC associate conservation scientist Imagine that you are a wildlife biologist and you’ve been given a dozen pairs of eyes that you can place anywhere in the forest to watch wildlife for you. All you have to do is find a good area, put them down, then walk away. These eyes are Read more

GWC associate conservation scientist captures rare footage of elusive deer species from Laos

February 13, 2015

The common names of the species that likely inhabit the remote Xe Sap National Protected Area in Southern Laos sound almost mythical: Chinese Serow, Annamite-Striped Rabbit, Saola, Annamite dark muntjac. These species’ elusive nature also lends credence to their folkloric status. GWC Associate Conservation Scientist Andrew Tilker set out to capture photographic evidence of the Read more