Kipunji Monkey in Tanzania. Credit: John C. Mittermeier

Protecting primates through ecotourism

05. 07. 2020

As of this year, I will have been studying and observing primates in t...

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Baby gorilla

Virunga’s mountain gorilla population is growing. Can tourism help sustain it long-term?

11. 14. 2019

Protecting the park for its Mountain Gorillas, biodiversity and local ...

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Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey in the Forest

Who’s That Monkey on Peru’s Money?

06. 24. 2019

A once-lost primate becomes a valuable national symbol of conservation...

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Tapanuli orangutan (Photo by Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme/Maxime Aliaga)

Primates In Peril: Urgent Action In These Four Countries Is Critical To Staving Off Mass Extinction

06. 27. 2018

Last week was a pivotal week in primate-related news. The world mourne...

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Q&A With Gamaliel Castañeda, Winner Of The 2018 Sabin Turtle Conservation Prize

06. 11. 2018

Gamaliel Castañeda Gaytán and Rosalinda Palomo Ramos are joint award...

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Q&A With Gerardo Garcia, Winner Of The 2018 Sabin Amphibian Conservation Prize

06. 11. 2018

Gerardo Garcia has been on the leading edge of recovering endangered a...

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Q&A With Andrés Link, Winner Of The 2018 Sabin Primate Conservation Prize

06. 11. 2018

Andres Link has spent close to two decades studying the social relatio...

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Q&A With GWC’s New Executive Assistant

12. 20. 2017

his month we were thrilled to welcome Ella Outlaw to the GWC team as o...

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