FOUND: Rediscovery of Lost Chameleon Reveals Reptile’s (Spectacular) True Colors

10. 30. 2020

Expedition Team in Madagascar Gets Rare Photos and Video of Flashy Voe...

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Tapanuli Orangutan

Recently Identified Tapanuli Orangutan Headlines New List of World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates

10. 07. 2019

Biennial ‘Primates in Peril’ Report Spurs Critical Support for Con...

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New Survey Shows Rangers Across Central America Share Passion for Protecting Nature Despite Poor Working Conditions

11. 01. 2018

Results Underscore Critical Need to Support Planet’s Frontline Defen...

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Verreaux's sifaka in Alluaudia spiny forest, Berenty, Madagascar, October 2005

Breaking: 95 Percent Of World’s Lemur Species On Edge Of Extinction

08. 01. 2018

Leading Primate Conservationists Call for Effective Protection of Worl...

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Primatologist Finds Second Species of Mustache-Rocking Patas Monkey in Ethiopia

01. 17. 2018

Latest Issue of Primate Conservation Journal Announces Handful of Exci...

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Northern muriqui monkey

Brazil’s Hug-Loving Hippie Monkeys on Path to Brighter Future with New Conservation Roadmap

12. 18. 2017

New Study Identifies Priority Populations of Muriqui Monkeys and Outli...

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New Report Reveals 25 Of The World’s Most Endangered Primates

11. 27. 2017

For immediate release November 27, 2017 Download images of endangered ...

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Vaquita in water

VaquitaCPR Field Operation Period Ends; Scientists Report On Operation Outcomes

11. 10. 2017

SAN FELIPE, BAJA, MEXICO —  The Mexican government (SEMARNAT) and s...

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Statement: GWC Saddened By Loss Of Vaquita During Field Operations

11. 09. 2017

Global Wildlife Conservation is this week sending its sincerest condol...

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Pink-headed duck

Search For The Lost Pink-Headed Duck Gets Underway In Myanmar

10. 23. 2017

Researchers to Explore Swampy Wetland in the First Search for Lost Spe...

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female Baird's tapir

New Study Helps Improve Roadmap Essential To Baird’s Tapir Conservation

09. 19. 2017

Extensive Network of Researchers Mobilizes to Understand and Protect I...

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kaki released in wild

World’s Rarest Wading Bird Gets New Lease On Life

06. 22. 2017

Global Wildlife Conservation Partners in Future of New Zealand’s Kak...

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