FOUND: Rediscovery of Lost Chameleon Reveals Reptile’s (Spectacular) True Colors

10. 30. 2020

Expedition Team in Madagascar Gets Rare Photos and Video of Flashy Voe...

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FOUND: Romantically Monogamous, Mouse-sized Elephant-Shrew Rediscovered Dashing Around the Wilds of Djibouti

08. 18. 2020

Rediscovery of the Somali Sengi, One of Global Wildlife Conservation...

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Rediscovered Starry Night Harelquin Toad in Colombia

ENCONTRADA: La Rana Arlequín de la Noche Estrellada Hace Radiante Regreso a la Ciencia

12. 12. 2019

“Redescubrimiento” destaca el papel integral del conocimie...

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Starry Night Harlequin Toad rediscovered to science

FOUND: Lost Starry Night Harlequin Toad Makes Radiant Return to Science

12. 12. 2019

 ‘Rediscovery’ Highlights Integral Role of Indigenous Peoples’ ...

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Rediscovered Silver-backed Chevrotain

FOUND: Miniature Fanged ‘Deer’ Rediscovered Tiptoeing Through Vietnam’s Coastal Forests

11. 11. 2019

First-ever Photos and Footage of Silver-backed Chevrotain Confirm Firs...

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One of the first images of a living Wallace’s giant bee. Megachile pluto is the world’s largest bee, which is approximately four times larger than a European honeybee. © Clay Bolt : claybolt.com

FOUND: World’s Largest Bee—With Giant Jaws—Rediscovered In The Wild After 38 Years Missing

02. 21. 2019

Search Team Produces First-ever Live Photos and Video of Indonesia’s...

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Lonely No More: Romeo The Sehuencas Water Frog Finds Love

01. 15. 2019

Early Expeditions Result in Rediscovery of Sehuencas Water Frogs in th...

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Lost Species Rediscoveries

2017’s Top Lost Species Rediscoveries Spur Hope for Future Quests

12. 26. 2017

Global Wildlife Conservation Gears Up for Expeditions in the New Year...

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Oriental Blue Clearwing

Bee-mimicking Clearwing Moth Buzzes Back to Life After 130 Years

12. 13. 2017

For immediate release December 13, 2017 Download photos and video An e...

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New Semi-Wild Wildlife Sanctuary Secures A Future For Endangered Mammals In The Land Down Under

12. 13. 2017

For immediate release November 13, 2017 The future of the endangered T...

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Media Alert: Pink-Headed Duck Eludes Myanmar Expedition Team

12. 08. 2017

For immediate release December 8, 2017 The pink-headed duck, one of G...

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Biodiversity Survey Team Discovers Dozens Of New Species In Guyana’s Kaieteur National Park And Upper Potaro Area

11. 17. 2017

For immediate release November 17, 2017 Over a month-long survey, a te...

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