A brown and green frog sitting on a leaf

When a Tiny Tadpole Turns Out to be a (Different) Lost Frog

08. 20. 2020

Mother Nature Plays Her Wily Tricks in the Rediscovery of Jahn’s Tre...

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Seeking the Somali Sengi

08. 18. 2020

A Q&A with Djiboutian Research Ecologist Houssein Rayaleh For Hous...

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Scientists looking for Ilin Cloudrunner

The Search for the Ilin Island Cloudrunner, Lost to Science for 66 Years

08. 17. 2020

Unconfirmed sightings of the Philippine species by local residents pro...

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The Search for Costa Rica’s Most Mysterious Hummingbird

08. 14. 2020

Confirming the existence of the Alfaro’s Hummingbird could also help...

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Chasing Hope for Costa Rica’s Golden Toad

07. 06. 2020

In 1989, the last Golden Toad on the Brillante trail was witnessed in ...

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Dr. Bernie Kuhajda’s Big Love for Little Fishes

02. 20. 2020

A long-standing love for fish has contributed to Kuhajda's drive to he...

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Galapagos Team Embarks on Search for ‘Most Wanted’ Giant Tortoise

01. 20. 2020

January Expedition Aims to Solve Century-old Riddle of Giant Tortoises...

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Apaporis Caiman close-up

Redescubrimiento de Caimán “Perdido” lleva a nuevo Misterio sobre Crocodylidos

12. 20. 2019

Biólogo colombiano Sergio Balaguera-Reina trabaja con Comunidad Indí...

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Rediscovered caiman

Rediscovery of ‘Lost’ Caiman Leads to New Crocodylian Mystery

12. 20. 2019

Colombian biologist Sergio Balaguera-Reina works with indigenous commu...

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Rediscovered Silver-backed Chevrotain in Vietnam

On the Case: Solving the Mysteries of the Lost Silver-backed Chevrotain

11. 11. 2019

Camera trap survey reveals miniature 'deer' in Vietnam's coastal fores...

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Natural history photographer Clay Bolt makes the first ever photos of a living Wallace’s giant bee at its nest, which is found in active termite in the North Moluccas, Indonesia.

Rediscovering Wallace’s Giant Bee

02. 21. 2019

In Search Of Raja Ofu, The King Of Bees...

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Indian Giant Flying Squirrel.

Finding Hope In Conservation: The Search For A Lost Flying Squirrel

02. 21. 2019

Lost...but we hope soon to be found....

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