The Pan-American highway cuts through this vast wilderness and poses a serious threat to the tapir populaton. In 2015 alone, 9 tapirs were known to be killed after getting struck by vehicles. Signs along the roadway warn motorists of the risk of collisions with tapirs, but more must be done to mitigate the problem.

Preserving Tapirs In The Mysterious Mountains Of Costa Rica

08. 29. 2016

By Laurie Hedges, GWC guest blogger In the highlands of southern Costa...

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Q&A With Jim Sanderson

08. 04. 2016

We’re thrilled to introduce GWC’s new program manager of wild cat ...

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Bravery Is Not Enough

07. 26. 2016

Op-ed authors Barney Long, Director of Species Conservation, Global Wi...

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Update From The Field: Search For The Santa Marta Toro

07. 26. 2016

I have spent six weeks exploring the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (SNS...

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Search For The Toro Pt 2: Local Ecological Knowledge

07. 05. 2016

By Nikki Roach, GWC associate conservation scientist (re-purposed from...

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GWC Associate Conservation Scientist Heads To Laos To Survey Rare Annamite Species

06. 23. 2016

In July, Andrew Tilker, Ph.D. student at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo...

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Santa-Marta-Toro-Santamartamys-rufodorsalis-Lizzie Noble

Searching For The Lost Toro Pt 1

06. 20. 2016

Many creatures lurk in the forest at night, yet some remain to be seen...

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The Borneo Rainbow Toad, Ansonia latidisca, was rediscovered in 2011 after 87 years without trace. It was one of the top ten most wanted amphibians in the world during the Search for Lost Frogs.

Race For The Rainbow Toad

05. 26. 2016

The first time I heard about the International Bornean Frog Race, I ha...

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Arturo Munoz

Q&A With Arturo Muñoz (Co-Winner Of The 2015 Sabin Amphibian Conservation Prize)

05. 25. 2016

When the Critically Endangered Titicaca Water Frog began to decline pr...

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Q&A With Dr. Cecília Kierulff (Winner Of The 2015 Sabin Primate Conservation Prize)

05. 25. 2016

Thanks to Cecília Kierulff’s work capturing and translocating Golde...

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Q&A With Dr. Sabine Schoppe (Winner Of The 2015 Sabin Turtle Conservation Prize)

05. 25. 2016

Since the rediscovery of the Palawan Pond Turtle in 2003, Dr. Sabine S...

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It’s A Girl! Sumatran Rhino Calf Born At The Sumatran Rhino Sanctuary

05. 12. 2016

Hope arrived in Indonesia in the form of a Sumatran Rhino calf, thanks...

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