A female Jaguar wearing a GPS collar walking through wetlands with her two cubs behind her

Jaguars, a keystone species, are reintroduced to the Iberá wetlands

03. 18. 2021

A mom and her two cubs are the first to live in the wild of the nation...

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Mountains in Colombia

Tras años de conflicto, ¿podría este bosque colombiano esconder una especie de periquito perdida?

02. 24. 2021

Los científicos están buscando el periquito del Sinú, que no ha sid...

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Mountains in Colombia

After years of conflict could this Colombian forest be hiding a lost parakeet species?

02. 23. 2021

Scientists are searching for the Sinú Parakeet, which hasn’t been d...

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A Wild 2020

12. 19. 2020

GWC Celebrates Its Best of 2020, Despite a Challenging Year...

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Where are all the biodiversity data?

12. 08. 2020

A new study tries to answer the question...

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Cloud forest of Manduriacu Reserve in Ecuador

Cloud Forests With Every Chance of New Species

10. 23. 2020

Rio Manduriacu Reserve in Ecuador is Home to Many Endemic and Critical...

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Russ in a baobab forest

Off the Cuff with Chief Conservation Officer Russ Mittermeier

08. 27. 2020

Last week our very own Chief Conservation Officer Russ Mittermeier wen...

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Reflections on the Golden Lion Tamarin

07. 30. 2020

GWC’s Chief Conservation Officer Shares Long History of Saving Brazi...

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How COVID-19 is Affecting the World’s Protected and Conserved Areas

07. 21. 2020

A global publication outlines the strains the pandemic is putting on p...

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The Critically Endangered Tamaraws are endemic to the island of Mindoro

Conserving Endangered Wildlife in the Lands of Indigenous People: A Story of the Tamaraw and the Tau-Buid

07. 09. 2020

By Ronet Santos (Program Officer) D’ABOVILLE Foundation and Demo...

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The Jamaican Iguana Will Soon Have a Permanent Home on Goat Islands

05. 13. 2020

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the Jamaican Iguana has escaped ...

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Coronaviruses and the Human Meat Market

04. 06. 2020

What will it take to prevent another pandemic? Dr. Russ Mittermeier, G...

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