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It’s hard to imagine a world without Tasmanian Devils. When you adopt one of our ambassador devils, your gift will go toward protecting the Tasmanian Devil. For $75, you can make a real difference. Your donation will support GWC partner Devil Ark’s essential conservation work—ensuring the survival of this threatened species.

Check out the profiles and videos of the four ambassador devils, Angel, Joker, Lilly and Spencer. Then select which devil you’d like to adopt on the donation form below. You’ll receive by email a photo of the devil, an info sheet about the devil, a certificate adoption and a thank you letter for your support. If you’d like to make a donation as a gift to a friend, colleague or loved one, select “I would like to dedicate this donation to someone” under “Additional Information.” Then you can customize a message to the gift recipient, who will receive the photo, info sheet and certificate of adoption.

Please note: This is a symbolic adoption. Your donation will contribute directly to Devil Ark’s continued conservation work.

Angel (4 years old)

Angel is an experienced mum. She is already mum to four joeys and has strong maternal instincts. She is one of the first mums this year to have confirmed pouch young and we couldn’t be happier for her. Angel knows the keepers at the ark well and allows them close, even at food time. Angel lost the fur on her face as the result of her joeys’ loving nips and while she looks a bit quirky – we think it shows what a dedicated mum she is. She’s protective, loves her keepers and is a beautiful devil.

Joker (4 years old)

The Joker is king. He’s calm but dominant and top dog in his enclosure. He’s scarred from battle with other devils. He loves hanging out with keepers and pestering them for food. He is a star with the ladies and looking for love during the breeding season.

Lily (2 years old)

Lily had a hard start to life. She was the smallest out of her litter, and rescued at a young age by Devil Ark keepers. Keepers bottle fed her through the first months of her life and she pulled through. She is now two years old and has just been put into a large pen. She needs all the love we can give her. Adopt her today!

Spencer (4 years old)

Spencer, also known as yogi bear, is big and boof-headed but cool as a cucumber. Spencer came from a different zoo and seems to love life at Devil Ark. He is known for relaxing in the early morning sun and lazily following keepers for an extra bit of food. In the last year, he’s stepped up into the role of most dominant devil in his yard. Spencer has a gentle soul, but needs to show he is a force to be reckoned with if he is to win the hearts of the four girls in his yard. We believe in Spencer—adopt him today to show you do, too!