William Robichaud

William Robichaud is the coordinator of the Saola Working Group of the IUCN SSC’s Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group, and hosted by GWC.  He is also the founding Coordinator of the Saola Working Group of the IUCN SSC’s Asian Wild Cattle Specialist Group.  He has been working on wildlife conservation and research in Southeast Asia for nearly 25 years. 

William Robichaud is a native of Wisconsin, USA. He holds degrees in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin and the University of British Columbia.

He first traveled to Vietnam in 1990, with the International Crane Foundation, to survey endangered Sarus Cranes on the Mekong Delta. He essentially never left Indochina after that first experience. For most of the past 20 years he has been based in Laos. He is a former Laos country director for the Wildlife Conservation Society, and has worked in Laos and Vietnam on wildlife conservation projects for WWF, IUCN, Fauna & Flora International, the World Bank, the Lao government, and the Centre for International Forestry Research. He is the founding Coordinator of the Saola Working Group of the IUCN Species Survival commission, and is one of few westerners who have seen a living Saola.

In 2015, Robichaud was awarded the IUCN’s Harry Messel Award for Conservation Leadership for “his extraordinary leadership in raising global attention for the conservation of the Saola through the SSC Saola Working Group, building a dedicated network of scientists and practitioners in Laos and Vietnam focused on saving the iconic species.”

For nearly 40 years, he has also been a principal in the Cedar Grove Ornithological Station, on Wisconsin’s shore of Lake Michigan. During this span, CGOS has been the most research-productive raptor observation and banding station in the world.


  • M.S., Zoology, University of British Columbia.
  • B.S., Zoology, University of Wisconsin.


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