James P. Lewis

James is currently working at Rainforest Trust, a Global Wildlife Conservation partner organization focused on the creation of new protected areas. Before joining Rainforest Trust, James worked as the director of conservation with GWC and is also the former director of operations for the Amphibian Survival Alliance and a program officer for the ICUN SSC Amphibian Specialist Group. These positions bring a range of expertise and project partnership experience to the GWC associates program helping to drive forward amphibian conservation priorities across the globe.

Hooked on wildlife conservation when growing up in Africa, James has spent his career focusing on strategic approaches to addressing conservation challenges.Born in the UK, but raised on three continents, James has firsthand experience in a range of conservation arenas. Although originally a field ecologist, James has spent time working on a number of domestic and international conservation topics, trade/policy issues, development of on-the-ground conservation projects and implementation of national conservation responses.

James has worked for several conservation NGOs, including the Wildlife Conservation Society and Conservation International and published on a range of conservation topics.


  • M.Sc., Conservation and Biodiversity, University of Exeter.
  • B.Sc., Conservation Management, University of Stirling.


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