Cat Kutz

Social Media Manager

Cat Kutz is the voice behind GWC’s social media. As the social media manager, she focuses on producing and curating exciting and engaging content to spread the word about GWC’s important mission and to inspire followers to become conservationists and wildlife champions. Prior to joining GWC, Cat worked as the media production manager for Rainforest Trust.


Cat took interest in conservation from a young age, inspired by visits to Central America and BBC documentaries in science class, getting overly excited every time a teacher would wheel in a TV. At George Mason University, Cat found her calling in science communication, particularly in using video production and social media to educate a broader audience on science topics. In her free time she enjoys cycling, obnoxiously taking photos of everything for Instagram, eating tacos and watching documentaries.


  • B.A. Communications - Media Production and Criticism, George Mason University.

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