Armando Dans

Armando is a Nicaraguan conservationist. His research focuses on the conservation of the megafauna in the last wild places of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Region. For the last 4-5 year he has been collecting field data with Dr. Chris Jordan (GWC/Panthera) and Dr. Gerald Urquhart (Michigan State University), focused on tapir ecology, the Jaguar corridor, and the Tapir/Jaguar human conflicts in the South Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

He is the CO-PI of the Nicaraguan Tapir Project initiative and the Indio Maiz Patrol System, working in collaboration with the South Autonomous Government and the Rama and Kriol Territorial Government. Currently he’s working toward a postgraduate diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practice at WildCRU/University of Oxford.


  • Forestry engineering degree, University of the Autonomous Regions of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua


Jordan CA, Schank CJ, Urquhart GR, Dans AJ (2016) Terrestrial Mammal Occupancy in the Context of Widespread Forest Loss and a Proposed Interoceanic Canal in Nicaragua’s Decreasingly Remote South Caribbean Region. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151372. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0151372

Armando J. Dans, Gladys Luna, Christopher A. Jordan (2014) ESTADO POBLACIONAL DEL ALMENDRO COMO INDICADOR DE LA DISPONIBILIDAD DE HÁBITAT DE LAPA VERDE EN EL SURESTE DE NICARAGUA, Ciencia e interculturalidad, Recursos Naturales y Medio Ambiente, Vol 15, No 2, pp114-124