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The planet’s most eligible amphibious bachelor now has a shot at love! On an expedition to a Bolivian cloud forest, Global Wildlife Conservation and the Museo de Historia Natural Alcide d’Orbigny rediscovered the Sehuencas Water Frog in the wild, including a Juliet for Romeo, previously the planet’s last-known Sehuencas Water Frog. Now the real work of saving the species from extinction can begin. We’ll be setting up a conservation breeding program so we have frogs to someday return to the wild, while also getting into the field to better understand how many frogs are still out there, where they are, and the threats they face so that we can conserve their natural home. All of this to give Romeo’s species hope for a stable future.

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In 2008, a team of biologists in Bolivia brought in from the field a single male Sehuencas Water Frog (Telmatobius yuracare), Romeo. They had hoped to create a conservation breeding program for the traditionally common species ahead of population crashes they were seeing with other frogs. Ten years later and GWC partner Alcide d’Orbigny Natural History Museum and other researchers had not been able to locate a single other individual Sehuencas Water Frog—male or female—until now. Romeo even had his own dating profile on Match in his pursuit of a mate.

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