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Q&A with GWC’s new social media manager

Cat Kutz is the new voice behind GWC’s social media. As the social media manager, she focuses on producing and curating exciting and engaging content to spread the word about GWC’s important mission and to inspire followers to become conservationists and wildlife champions. Prior to joining GWC, Cat worked as the media production manager for Rainforest Trust.

We talked to her a little bit about how social media supports conservation and her passion for GWC’s mission:

Q. What role does social media play in conservation?
A. Social media has rapidly become our main mode of communication. It allows people to always be connected, and in turn, spread messages like wild fire. When it comes to conservation, our message of protecting the planet and its wildlife is an urgent one and by harnessing social media, we can reach people much more rapidly and efficiently than ever before. It’s not just about cultivating potential donors, but finding people that want to help spread GWC’s mission.

Conducting a live interview on Facebook about pangolins for Rainforest Trust.

Q. Why are you committed to GWC’s mission?
A. GWC’s conservation mission is much more robust than other organizations I’ve encountered. The focus is not just on one part of conservation, one place or one species, it’s about all of the important aspects that go into protecting our planet’s wildlife–the research, partnerships, management, etc.

Q. How did you develop your passion for wildlife conservation?
A. I’ve been enamored with wildlife since a very young age. I wanted to be Snow White or Pocahontas with a squad of woodland creatures (I still kind of do). In grade school, science class was always my favorite and I would get psyched when the teacher would wheel in a TV, not because I wanted a goof-off day, but because I loved documentaries! BBC’s Blue Planet was my absolute favorite. In high school this passion was really ignited when I went on a trip to Guatemala, but it wasn’t until a couple years into university when I found my role in science communication.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
A. I love that I’m curating content with such a vital message. It makes me feel good to use my skills to help save our planet and its wildlife. I feel like a (much less cool and popular) Steve Irwin–using communication as a tool to get people excited about animals!

Q. What is your favorite wildlife species? Why?
A. I just cannot answer this question. To name just a few… Dholes, Painted Dogs, Madagascan Flying Foxes, Lemon Sharks, Narwhals (the unicorns of the sea), Tarsiers, I could go on and on!

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Lindsay Renick Mayer

Lindsay Renick Mayer

Lindsay is the associate director of communications for Global Wildlife Conservation and has a particular interest in leveraging communications to inspire conservation action. Lindsay is passionate about species-based conservation and finding compelling ways to tell stories that demonstrate the value of all of the planet’s critters, big and microscopic.