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Celebrating Young Voices: Kids Against Animal Poaching

Friday, March 3 is World Wildlife Day and this year’s theme is “Listen to the Young Voices.” Fifteen-year-old Emily Walker is one of those young, inspirational voices already making a difference for the world’s wildlife.

Ever since I was little, I have always loved animals. When I heard about what was happening to some of the beautiful animals on our planet, I knew I needed to try and do something. I started Kids Against Animal Poaching in 2015 when I heard about an elephant being killed for his tusks. A world where people are killing animals for their skins, horns, and tusks is not a world that any of us should tolerate.

Since I started Kids Against Animal Poaching, I have been trying to raise awareness and educate people about animal poaching. For my 15th birthday I asked my friends to donate to Kids Against Animal Poaching in lieu of presents and with that money and other donations, I have now raised over $8,000. I also researched animal poaching, its negative impact on both the ecosystem and on humans, and made a speech in my 8th grade class to better inform my peers.

White rhinos, like these in Solio, Kenya, are often the target of poaching for their horns. (Photo by Robin Moore)

I believe it is so important for kids to be educated about this issue because we are the generation that will be able to change it. I never realized how big of an impact a 15-year-old girl can make. With the support of my family and friends, I have realized that I can truly make a difference in our world.

Learn more about Kids Against Animal Poaching and support these efforts here.

(Top photo: Emily with dog, Belvedere, in her Kids AAP t-shirt)

About the Author

Emily Walker

Emily Walker

Emily Walker is a ninth grade student from California who started the website Kids Against Animal Poaching (www.kidsaap.org) to raise awareness and educate people about the threat of poaching to the world’s wildlife.


  • Sheila Grady Walker

    So proud of you Emily Thank you for all you do to help protect the remaining wildlife on our planet.

  • Maria Mancuso Gersh

    Emily, activating around your passion in the name of positive change is incredibly inspiring. way to go!