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Rainforest Haiku by Talented 5th Grade Students

Andrew Beal’s fifth grade class explored the causes and effects of deforestation, and then they took steps to engage others in the fight to protect forests. Among other outcomes, the students’ efforts resulted in raising $385 for GWC’s Acre for Nature Program. This is the second year the students have researched deforestation and made a donation to the Uraba Rainforest Reserve in Colombia. There are many reasons Brimmer and May enjoys supporting GWC. First, the work that GWC does inspires students. Children love animals, and the vivid pictures on their website act as a call to action. Second, GWC is amazingly accessible and responsive to schools. When teachers at Brimmer and May wanted to inform and motivate the students, they simply reached out to GWC who worked with them to coordinate a visit by Dr. Piotr Naskrecki, one of GWC’s many Associate Scientists. Brimmer and May would like to thank GWC for all that they do. Please enjoy the haiku!


Tree are important
Without the trees we can’t breathe
Please help save the trees

By Elise O.


The Rainforest

Save the rainforest
There are amazing things there
We must protect it

By Karly H.


Save the Rainforest

Big, small, short and tall
The rainforest’s got it all
Help us stop it now

By Ellie F.


Wondering about the Rainforest

Wondering today
Will it be saved by human kind
So join in and save

By Charlotte Rae G.



I have a great dream
The Rainforests will live on
Make this dream come true

By Zoe K.




We need your help now
There will be no animals
So help now help please

By Petra R.


The Rainforest

You can help stop it right now
Help save it now, please

By Niek V.


Save it

Please help us today
Save the cute animals now
Rainforest are cool!

By Ben K.



Help Rainforests now!
We must take action right now!
Later is too late!

By Hayley J.


Our skin is not green
We don’t grow from seeds, but we
and plants are cousins

By Camille C.

About the Author

James Lewis

​James Lewis is GWC’s director of conservation programs, specializing in conservation project development and strategic planning. Working closely with the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Amphibian Specialist Group, James focuses much of his efforts on developing conservation programs that address the critical need to invest resources in some of the world’s most threatened yet under-appreciated species.