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In the Field: Global Wildlife Conservation

Despite the fact that human well-being is intrinsically linked to the natural world, our planet is still very much an unexplored place, and our knowledge of the world’s threatened species and habitats is often inadequate for effective conservation action.

Link to story: http://blog.arkive.org/2011/01/global-wildlife-conservation/

About the Author

Therese Tepe

Therese Tepe

Therese Tepe, formerly GWC’s conservation partnerships officer, manages U.S. government-funded biodiversity, forestry, and climate change projects in Southeast Asia and West Africa from Washington D.C. She works closely with both international and in-country partners when implementing these conservation projects. Previously, she had been based in Malaysia working on tiger conservation throughout Asia.


  • Ralph Sicat

    Im glad that there are people who really care about our environment. They study for the living of all species. Not only for the endangered ones but also they dont let other species to be endangered. They explore things for our world is full of mysteries and unexplored things and they conduct surveys and experiments for some conservation actions to sustain what we have now in this world. They also not just have this knowledge on their own. But they spread it. They post pictures of different animals and picturesque sceneries so we could appreciate those and think that we shouldnt destroy them. Im very much thankful to have these people who encourage everyone to protect and preserve our environment. Thanks from the inspiring words from Robin. Thankyou for sharing this blog.