GWC joins CI-Suriname to explore the wilds of SE Suriname


Posted By: Global Wildlife

​In March 2012, GWC joined Conservation International’s Suriname program to explore the remote pristine wilderness of SE Suriname. The survey team, consisting of 16 scientists, 29 local Amerindian field assistants, government wildlife rangers, journalists and film-makers, explored the lowland rainforest along the Palumeu River and also helicoptered to the peaks of the Grensgebergte Mountains, which had never before been explored. Preliminary results from the survey indicate that the area contains high biodiversity in pristine condition and many species new to science.  The data will be used to help create a conservation corridor across southern Suriname, which is one of the largest extents of intact tropical forest left in the world.  This area is a unique global treasure that warrants our protective care.  See xxx (other GWC webpage) for more details on this exciting survey. 


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