Kurt Buhlmann, Ph.D. +

Kurt Buhlmann, Ph.D.

Kurt Buhlmann, Ph.D.
Associate Conservation Scientist

​​Kurt A. Buhlmann is a conservation ecologist whose research interests include life history and evolutionary ecology with application for conservation and management of amphibians and reptiles. He has worked with non-profit, state, and federal agencies on habitat management projects, including prescribed fire and wetlands restoration. He has been involved in international turtle conservation efforts, and is more recently actively focused on reintroduction and head-starting projects for tortoises and freshwater turtles in North America, as well as Kihansi Spray Toads, in Tanzania, Africa. Kurt’s personal mission has been to conduct relevant conservation science, but more importantly, to apply it on the ground to benefit and improve conditions for specific, defined, populations of rare and threatened species. 

He is an Associate Research Scientist at the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, adjunct faculty at the Odum School of Ecology, and also manages his own conservation consulting business, Buhlmann Research and Consulting, LLC. He is excited to be working with GWC and looks forward to helping design and implement effective conservation collaborations with colleagues there.

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